From a very young age, I always knew I was born for a reason and this reason was to connect with people from the heart. As time continued throughout my life, I soon discovered that this path was a challenging one. So, I thank the drum for arriving in my life when I was a child, as the drum would become my guide, teacher and healer. Born into family challenges, I found my parenting within nature, the moon, the stars and the tree. Even to this day, I still talk to all of them, especially the moon.

My connection with the drum continued, being guided by my conversations with her and spirit, I learned precision of sound and security within her heart. Years of dedication of listening and playing guided me to an opportunity to connect to a wider audience, as a professional percussionist in the British band ‘Cornershop’. We toured the world bringing our music to numerous venues and eventually received a number one hit in Britain with the song ‘Brimful of Asha’ in 1998. 

Throughout these years I was lucky enough to be endorsed by Meinl Percussion who supplied me with a beautiful set of Floatune congas. In my opinion, these are still the best congas on the market even today, based on their unique sound and exceptional design. 

These experiences were wonderful but also challenging as childhood wounds surfaced within the amplification of the journey I was on. However, my connection to the drum continued and I returned to the discipline of my heart. Here again, I found a deep inner peace and discovered the natural rhythms that guide us all. My understanding of music evolved into a greater awareness of sound and how it affects the soul, body and mind. These days became the foundation of my truth.

In 2002, I was guided to create my healing practice ‘Being in Beauty’. Simple and precise were the words of guidance: ‘When we look through the eyes of beauty, we see beauty, creating beauty in our lives’. Our lives can often be filled with chaos, challenges, choices, which overall will affect our destiny. Depression, happiness, sadness, loss, are all natural emotions that may enter our lives at some point. But if we allow ourselves to witness the beauty of the world, there are always new seeds to sew. My devotion to the guidance towards creating beauty in people’s lives is paramount to all I do. A tear is something to never be afraid of, it is the gift of life. It is water…

Finding this inner devotion towards witnessing life has unfolded a rich tapestry of change. As a seed stretches for light, I have stretched for life, experience, learning, loving and evolving. My journey never ends, it adapts and evolves. I have worked and trained with many teachers, however the voice from my drum will always be my primary place of listening and learning. I have a teacher in physical form, which if I choose to listen guides me to a place of deep wisdom. For I am a mirror of that drum and what I choose to say or do is amplified for every rhythm that is heard upon that skin. For the skin is the world and I am the stick. Nothing is impossible, it is just a process of re-learning what needs to be learned.

Finally, I am delighted to say that my relationship with Meinl Percussion has continued to grow and evolve. I now integrate their 'Sonic Energy Collection' of beautiful instruments into my healing work as a practitioner and international performer. There are not many percussive companies who hold their presence within music as well as Meinl. It is an absolute honour to be part of their world and them be part of mine. 

With sincere thanks to all life on earth..

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HEALING SOUNDS INTENSIVE: In 2016, I attended the Healing Sounds Intensive with Jonathan and Andi Goldman, in Loveland, Colorado, USA. This experience was highly influential towards my new developments in sound therapy and shamanic healing. Providing a rich discipline and focussed evidence-based approach. Further understanding of the essence of sacred sound from a spiritual and scientific perspective has evolved my personal practice to much higher degree.
Integrating, new techniques personally experienced and practised, I am enthusiastic to share these new skills within a refined and precise framework of healing. The use of sound is a well respected and potent addition to shamanic work. My commitment to mastering elements of sound enables clients to reach a deeper level within their personal healing's and experiences.

SANDRA INGERMAN TWO YEAR TEACHER TRAINING: Between 2015 and 2016, I attended a two year teacher training with the renowned author Sandra Ingerman from the USA. This experience merged and integrated the numerous skills and techniques developed throughout my career towards a more mindful approach within the elements of classic shamanism. 

Focusing on 'The Medicine for the Earth' work and other classic techniques, new pathways of discipline and awareness are nurtured towards developing possible human beings, immersed within deep compassion for positive change within the world. I offer teaching based on Sandra's work, which enable's my clients to reach much deeper connections within their daily lives. These experiences also resonate deeply with the true foundation of the vision of Being in Beauty.

OSHO PRIMAL TRAINING WITH PREMARTHA AND SVARUP: Throughout 2014 and 2016, I have been training as an OSHO Primal therapist with Premartha and Svarup in Italy. Their work is devoted to the loving integration of the natural child. 

My personal developments within this work has enabled my clients to reconnect to their natural inner beauty and welcome the innocence of their true selves allowing both adult and child to become one. This gentle and powerful journey of self-discovery is a sacred gift to both myself and my clients. My commitment to embracing the natural child is the foundation of my healing approach and discipline, learning the harmonious voices of the drum. This new awareness is an absolute joy to share to anyone wishing to reconnect to their natural child.

REMO HEALTH RHYTHMS: In 2009, I qualified as a 'REMO Health Rhythms' Facilitator in the USA, enhancing my skills as a musician and therapist. Now a registered nurse in the UK, I have a greater understanding of illness and disease, this knowledge is the foundation that develops my healing practice as a 'sound therapist' and 'shamanic practitioner'.

Recognising the importance of complimentary and traditional medicine I am able to respond to my client's needs, offering refined and accurate alternatives using sound as a potent component for healing and promoting health. 'Rhythm for Health' evolved, which promotes rhythm based training both privately and within healthcare systems; providing an additional support method to traditional modalities within healthcare systems, offering empowerment to those on the journey.

THE SACRED TRUST ONE YEAR INTRODUCTION TO SHAMANISM: In 2002, I entered into the ancient disciplines of discovering shamanism with Simon Buxton. Experiencing numerous personal reminders of my natural voice within this healing work, I welcomed the resonance and understanding of this ancient knowledge. Having spent years of my childhood in communication with nature and the elements, everything I believed in from birth, made complete sense. A wholeness and completeness emerged within me, which I sensitively embraced. I encountered numerous techniques that enabled me to weave my inner knowledge with these sacred healing's, adopting natural understandings based on my own perception that were given to me through my childhood. A sense of arriving home, maintained a clear and respectful awareness as I explored new adventures that were naturally mine to both own and learn from.