Compassionate Creativity: 


I have released my first book, it is entitled 'Inhaling the breath exhaling the word'. It is the first release from the 'Breath of Life' series. Dedicated to a dear friend of mine who has passed, it contains poetry inspired by love, loss, self-belief and the many numerous emotions that touch us throughout our lives. It is available on Amazon in Europe and the USA. 



Future Book Releases: 

I am currently editing another two books entitled 'The ABC of Love' and 'The Search for Kindness.' Further details will be available upon release.     Both will be available on Amazon in Europe and the USA. 




July 2018:  Live Shamanic Sound Healing @ Shamanic Days in Estonia.

I have recently been teaching a lot more in Europe, especially in Estonia. The richness of and depth of this country is truly remarkable and I have been welcomed so beautifully. It really is a deep honour to share my gifts in Estonia and find that my teachings are beginning to grow more and more. Please keep an eye on the trainings page for more information. 

"Pete Bengry has devoted his life to helping others heal on all levels - emotionally, physically and spirituality. He is an extraordinary musician, merging shamanic healing as a ceremonial act within music. His companion is such a gift to everyone who meets Pete. I highly recommend his workshops and his work as a shamanic practitioner". 

Sandra Ingerman, author of 10 books on shamanic healing including "Walking in Light: The everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life".